Alan Partridge: a comedic fixation

One of my many obsessions is the genius of the character that is Alan Partridge. I can think of few (if any) comedy creations which are so frighteningly well realised and three dimensional.

In recent years, writers Neil and Rob Gibbons have breathed new life into Alan, through the Mid Morning Matters TV series and ‘auto-biographical’ books, not to mention resulting audiobooks (among the funniest material I have ever heard).

Anyhow, I recently decided to commit to paper (or screen) the various short Partridge-based scenarios that tend to pop into my mind from time to time. Here is the first:

Clocked Schofield on the Gatwick Express last Tuesday as I was busy chomping on a Kinder Bueno. “Enjoying it Alan?” Schofield smirked. “Oh it’s absolutely Bueno, Phil!” I quickly exclaimed (the excellent pun was effortless). No response. Unbelievable. It was at that moment that I noticed the calcium-rich, molten choc dripping down my chin. Bugger. You may have won this round, Schofield, but at least I know how to tell a paedophile from a Conservative.

Philip Schofield