That’s not real, is it?

A few years back, I discovered a form of photography which makes everyday objects and environments look like miniatures – after a little digging online, I learnt it was called ’tilt shift photography’. The video below is a stunning example of this technique.

Some tilt shift attempts

Shortly after discovering it, I picked up a Canon EOS 550d and decided to try it for myself. Tilt shift works best when photos are taken from an elevated angle, looking down on well-lit objects, animals or people. For video, a time lapse effect can also make a huge difference as demonstrated above. The following are a few of the shots I have experimented with.


Lesson Street Tilt Shift
Leeson Street, Dublin


St. Stephen's Green Tilt Shift
St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin


Grand Canal Tilt Shift
Grand Canal, Dublin


Sorrento Tilt Shift
Sorrento, Italy


Positano Beach Tilt Shift
Positano, Italy


Positano Sea Tilt Shift
Positano, Italy


Next, video

That’s it for now – I’m hoping to try it out on video some time soon. On that note, there is an ad campaign for Tesco currently running in Ireland that uses this technique. Back when I worked in advertising, I always said I would make a commercial using tilt shift some day. Looks like somebody beat me to it!