When I started this blog, my aim was to keep the topics as varied as possible. So obviously, my most recent move was to write a post about omelettes. I’ll be honest, I like an omelette. A lot. As a kid, I had an egg allergy which I since seem to have grown out of – so I’m probably making up for lost time these days. Anyway, while on a recent trip to Spain, a friend of mine showed me how he makes the “perfect omelette”. It’s amazingly simple and is done as follows:


Two good eggs, one great omelette

Crack two large free range eggs into a Pyrex jug or something similar, then grab a fork and beat the living hell out of them until you can’t tell white from yolk. Grind some salt and pepper in and beat again for a few seconds.


Butter would melt

Now, put your pan on a LOW heat – this is key to your omelette not sticking. The cooker that I use has a heat setting which ranges from 1 to 9 – somewhere between 4 and 5 is perfect. Once the pan is warmed up, melt some butter so that it covers the entire base. Once it’s bubbling slightly, pour on your mix.


To top it off…

I find that, like many other things in life, less is more in terms of what you put on/in your omelette. For me, I like a little cheese, onion, and a good generous splash of Tabasco. Ham is good also – especially cured ham. Have your cheese and onion (and whatever else you like) chopped up into small chunks before you start. Right after you’ve poured on your egg, sprinkle them on. Next, add your Tabasco.

Nudge the edge of the egg every now and then to make sure it isn’t sticking to the pan. As soon as the whole thing seems to have solidified (and the cheese has melted), gently fold it in half like a tortilla (the Spanish for what you’re cooking, interestingly). Cook for another few seconds, flip it over and cook for a little longer so that both sides are just starting to golden.

Then grab a fork and eat the bloody hell out of it. You are now an omelette Jedi.