A little about me

In short, I like to spend as much time as possible creating things. Below is a short description of some of my skills and interests.


I have written thousands of ads in my time, across all media imaginable, analog and digital.

Art Direction

I have also visualised countless ads. It's not just words that need to tell a story, you know. I'm pretty handy with Adobe Creative Suite.

UI Design

Using Balsamiq and Sketch, I have designed wireframes and pixel-perfect interfaces for websites, SAAS platforms and native iOS/Android apps.

Creative Strategy

Creative execution is fine, but everything should start with the "why". I have developed creative strategies for a number of businesses and brands.


First impressions last, and presentation is everything. I've worked with some of the biggest brands in the world and even helped to create one or two.


I've developed and executed a number of highly successful campaigns over the years. One even involved hiring a helicopter, would you believe.


My biggest passion is music. Having started out with live bands, in recent years I have been mostly electronic. Ableton Live is my software of choice.


I am definitely a self-confessed movie nerd. So much so, I've even dabbled at screenwriting since completing a certificate during a particularly cold winter a few years back.


The right picture can say more than a thousand words. I love getting lost in the great outdoors with my Canon EOS 550d.


Now and then, I'll randomly have an idea for an app or website - like the native iOS app I built a while back using Swift, or this website built using WordPress. My next challenge is to create a game.


I am currently addicted to endorphins. Mainly I like to go running, as it's a really good way to clear the head. But I also like to get out on the bike and I recently completed all 180km of the Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle.


It's true what they say, travel definitely broadens the mind. I've been to many different places in the world, but still feel I've only scratched the surface. Iceland is currently top of the wishlist.

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